Charbel- CD “UP” – Who was behind the “Badjuda Mbombo”

Mbombo is the track number 9 of the new CD “UP” of the Guinean artist Charbel. The song was produced by Mr VR and recorded at JStudio in Lisbon.

Badjuda Mbombo is a Guinean term widely used to praise, admire and pamper a woman. The model and entrepreneur Pucurutcha Stella interpreted the “Mbombo” in the music video.

During all this years that I have been working as a model I have never done a job that made me so proud as this one. I have worked with artists from several countries such as: Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Angola, Cape Verde and many others, but unfortunately I had never worked with an artist from Guinea Bissau in the past.
When I was invited to be part of this project , no doubt I felt honored.

Confessed Pucurutcha Stella to Nobalur.

The music video was made in Portugal, directed by Black Rose and had the participation of several dancers such as Soraia Susu, Luigi and Pemba.

The Guinean makeup artist Djena was responsible for the make-up of the main model by choosing hot and flashy colours.

In addition to musical creativity, Charbel set up the whole scene of the video. drawing inspiration from the old and modern fashion the artist chose to mix both styles in order to achieve exactly what he idealised.

Check out the music video and listen to the new CD at the link below:

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