Preta by Nuccy | Katy Teixeira, the entrepreneur with her own homemade brand products runs a Facebook group with over 6.000 members

Katy Teixeira is an entrepreneur, she created her own hair and skin brand products named Preta by Nuccy and she is the founder of the Facebook group “Guigui Crespa Natural” which has over 6,000 members and “Padidas di Guiné”.

Katy thinks it is very important to assume natural hair because she believes everyone should be proud of our their roots.

It was then in 2016 that Katy decided to stop using hair chemicals and started taking care of her natural hair to set an example for her daughter.

“I want my daughter to like her hair so she won’t think that she has to use chemicals to be beautiful or have beautiful hair.”

Said Katy during the interview with Nobalur.

In 2017 Katy Teixeira decided to create her own line of skin and hair products.


The idea came across when she used to treat her hair and her daughters hair, Katy used to mixed her hair creams. A friend suggested that she shout started selling the products since they were very good and had good results.

 The products are completely homemade, customers prefer carite whipped cream, cocoa and mango butter. Mango butter is the product that customers consume the most, but the fact that it is a seasonal fruit Katy stated that it is not possible to produce it the whole year.

Preta by Nuccy are available in some stores in Guinea-Bissau and can also be shipped worldwide.

On July 27, Katy participated in the “Mes di Mudjer Afrikanu” event in Cape Verde where she represented Guinea-Bissau and talked about entrepreneurship and shared experiences with other Women.

Picture :

Picture :

In 2018 the group Guigui Crespa e Natural held an event in Bissau “Nha Cabelo nha Identidadi”

For Katy it was a wonderful experience where they addressed such topics as:

Female Empowerment, Skin Whitening and “My Hair in Your Identity”.

Among the 3 themes “skin whitening” was the most striking, as it remains a taboo to talk about this issue that has had a negative effect on society.

Katy Teixeira recently has created a Facebook group named “Padidas di Guiné” is a group focused on motherhood and mother to be , by sharing their previously and daily life experiences.

Watch our full interview with Katy Teixeira :

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