Biography | Albert released his first single – Falan

Alberto Augusto da Silva, artistically known as Albert, was born in Bissau on September 24 and spent part of his childhood in Bandim.

He had spent his teenage years in a boarding school in the south of the country until he’s adulthood.

In mid-2003, Albert was part of a musical group: “NEW MASTER CLENG” with the singers, Marlon, Vá and Tcharton. They participated in a music contest called “BELÉM I DINÔS, NO PROTEGI I NÔ PRIVINI” organised by Tiniguena.

This first achievement further piqued Albert’s curiosity to learn and further unravel the music scene.

They recorded their first interventive song which they named “GUINÉ I DINÔS, NO PROTEGIL I NO PRIVINIL”.

In addition to being a singer, Albert was also a dancer, and in these journey he eventually met WILBAN, which gave rise to the WMAV group which was very successful and nowadays everyone is making his solo career.

In 2017 , Albert participated in the “TROPICAL PROJECT” , produced by Samuone Beats.

Currently Albert lives in Portugal and has already signed a contract with Polon Studio Entertainment, which is preparing his first album, on August 8 he released a new single entitled “Falan”.

The music was written by Albert , produced by Polon Music , Mix and Master at J Studio.

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