Rasta Dine released his first mixtape “ My First One” | Biography

 Maldine Pedro Nunes Crobute, better known as Rasta Dine, is 22 years old and was born in Guinea-Bissau.

  He lived in Portugal, Cascais where he lived most of his life. In 2017, Maldine completed a professional telecommunications course in Val do Rio Oeiras, Portugal.

 It was in Portugal where he started to appreciate music, but it was only in October 2018, that he decided to live with a friend in the United Kingdom, London and invest more in the music industry.

 Rasta Dine started working in a restaurant and after 3 months he met a co-worker named Bigz Daro.

Bigz Daro had a home studio and it was this year (2019) that Dine started recording songs for his project entitled “MY FIRST ONE”.

 At the time the studio had lack of conditions, therefore his friend introduced him to the producer YOUNG MAX.

The mixtape contains 5 tracks : “Ia Mi” ; “M’volta pa raíz ” ; “ABC” ; “Noite di Dur” and “Ambiçon i Realidade”.

Young Max was responsible for the mix and master of all tracks of the project.

Rasta Dine currently has no contract with any label.

  Watch the music videos and listen to the mixtape at the link below:

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