50-year-old Guinean swimmer is representing Guinea-Bissau in Ghana

50-year-old Guinean swimmer Siphiwe Baleka is representing Guinea-Bissau at the African Swimming Championship, taking place in Accra, Ghana.

The information about the Guinean athlete's participation in the African Swimming Championship was expressed in a short note sent to the editorial staff of O Golo GB.

The African Swimming Championships took  place from 11 to 17 October in the Ghanaian capital. It is likely that Siphiwe Baleka will be the only representative of Guinea-Bissau at the event.

Remembering that Siphiwe Baleka was born in the United States of America, but has Bissau-Guinean roots. Baleka was naturalised Guinean and is now legible to represent the national flag.

Source: O Golo GB 

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