We are fundraising to help vulnerable children in Guinea-Bissau to get a better education by providing a community school with the best possible conditions.

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When a child doesn’t have access to a school, it impacts every facet of their life – from worldviews to life expectancy to likelihood of violence and prevalence of disease. A school is a spark which begins to shape it all.

We believe that every child has the right to have access to education and no child should be forced to study outside, or in a dangerous environment.

With access to a good education, children can escape poverty. Many children have to choose between getting an education and being safe. Without classrooms, they are forced to study under trees, in all weather.

They are exposed to the elements, distracted, and unable to learn and when it rains they have to cancel the lessons and mostly they get cold and wet.

 The project  Nobalur  aims to support and promote Guinea-Bissau in every sector, we’ve been helping many vulnerable people in the country since 2017 by using our influence online and in the society.

In partnership with BLACKFROKIDS, a project that aims to to help vulnerable children in Africa and represents diversity and equality through fashion and events, we are using our cartoon Super Hero KENDO BODHI – The Light of Africa, to guide the kids to a better future. I remember the first time when I came to my motherland in 2017, when I saw the daily life condition of many people I realised I should do something to change it.

My mum lives in Antula, a place located in Bissau, when I came back in 2019 I have seen children going to school under a big tree, sitting down on wooden chairs, they usually call it “The chair school”, it was right opposite our house. 

I was astonished with the situation, and sad because they were my neighbours, my cousin who contributes to the school as a teacher, have been working with me for the last years on the project Nobalur, we always wanted to build up a school, but unfortunately we couldn’t find a place yet and didn’t have the capital to do it.

So I’ve spoken with my cousin about doing something for the children at the “chair school” but the condition were miserable, and we knew that before we could donate a pencil or a notebook we were sure we needed to have a safe place to begin with.

So we did what we could at the moment, in Collaboration with the members on the school we built up the little place to try to protect them from the rain and the sun until we had the chance to get more money. Shared the CEO Pucurutcha Stella. In 2020/21, 200 children benefited from the school, unfortunatly some of them gave up before the year ends, due to the lack of condition. Actually we divided the space into 4 rooms, 6 teachers and lessons are given in the morning and in the afternoon. Unfortunately there is no desks, boards.

There’s no cantine neither bathroom for the kids, which turns difficult when they need to use the toilet, most of them goes home and leave the lesson.

We’re planing not just to build up the school, but to administrate the school and guarantee that we can support them in their progress in the future.

With only £30 you can pay a year fee for each child to attend the school, but we are certain that we firstly need to get them a safe environment to work in.

Written by: Nobalur Team 

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