From Catió the South Side of Guinea-Bissau Smoovie J Wiz invests in the music industry in USA

Jaime Abdu Na Man Sa, known as Smoovie J Wiz born in 12 July 1997 and raised in Guinea-Bissau, in Catió the  south side of the country.

When he was 3 years old his family moved to Bissau with him where he attended the school.

Smoovie always had a huge passion for music and dance, when he was 12 years old he participated on a summer time Karaoke contest in Bissau, unfortunately he didn't win the contest but he waa in the 2nd place.

When he turned 14 years old he started participating in dance battles and dance contest and he won a lot of prizes.

Smoovie J moved to America when he was 19 years old, without knowing how to speak English he had to learn the language during his first year in the USA.

"I learnt English for like one year, which was a very lonely and depressing year for me because of the move and adjusting even though I have my sisters with me still it was hard for all of us to adjust".

Said Smoovie during an interview with our team.

Although he never even though about making music or being on the stage performing, Smoovie said that everything just happened randomly and fast, when he started to feel inspired to make music he started writing and buying beats and had the opportunity to record his first single “All I Need” which was released 2 years ago that was 2019 I dropped my first single after spending 2 years in the USA.

2 years after dropping his debut single “All I Need” Smoovie is back with a new music " With Me".

The artist likes songs about love, his music is influenced by Afrobeat, R&B, Pop and Dancehall. 

Wiz believes that there's always a person that makes you feel special show you love, love you for who you are and makes you feel complete even through the bad times, where you also will do for him or her based on a pure love, care, and romance.

Written by: Pucurutcha Stella

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