Despite being an athlete from Guinea-Bissau, Bassó Pires was accompanied by the Portuguese delegation whenever he stepped into the the Kickboxing World Championship. 

Living and training in Portugal for several years, Bassó Pires saw the creation of the 'National Federation of Combat and Sport – Guinea-Bissau' months before the competition, so that he could compete in Italy.

This way, the 28-year-old fighter became the first Bissau-Guinean to compete in an international kickboxing competition. After the defeat in the third fight, this Wednesday, the athlete, who competed in K1 (-81 kg) was visibly disappointed, but, in declarations to Record, he did not hide his pride for the achievements.

Bassó Pires is supervised by João Diogo, team manager of the Portuguese delegation. In conversation with Record newspaper, the manager explained how he met the athlete.

“Bassó was the athlete of a friend of mine, Francisco Mango, who is also Bissau-Guinean. He asked me to take Basso and help promote him, as Francisco saw great potential in him.This was about four years ago and, since then, Bassó has grown and evolved enormously”, he said.

From here until the creation of the Guinean federation, which allowed Bassó to enter the competition taking place in Jesolo (Venice), it was a short journey:

“We wanted to bring Bassó to this championship. I spoke with the president of WAKO Africa and he explained to me that the Guinean Federation was not registered. So, I decided to talk to friends of mine, mainly Adelino da Costa, and the possibility  for us to help create a Kickboxing federation in Guinea-Bissau.

The idea grew and a federation of combat sports was created. This was a few months ago and since then everything has started to be dealt with WAKO, who are also happy to see more countries joining the community”.

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Written by: Pucurutcha Stella

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