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Portugal | Livre Elects Joacine Katar Moreira, A Bissau Guinean Activist

Joacine Katar is on the Livre by Lisbon list and was elected deputy yesterday.

Joacine Katar Moreira is 37 years old, she left Guinea-Bissau and moved to Portugal when she was eight years old.

  In Guinea she was raised by her grandmother because her parents were very young. Her grandmother sent her to boarding school in Mafra, Portugal in order to get away from the political instability in Guinea.

  Joacine says that she loved to go to school very much, but when she arrived in Portugal, she was sent back in the second year because it was what used to be done in Portugal to children of African origin. This setback motivated her to strive in her studies.

  Eventually she entered the university. To pay the fees she worked in supermarkets and hotels. She graduated in Modern and Contemporary History, earned a master’s degree in Development Studies and a doctorate in African Studies at ISCTE, where she is a researcher at the Center for International Studies.

  The first time access to Livre was released in the 2015 legislatures. She ranked 22nd on the Lisbon list. In 2019, she became the first black woman to activate a list of legislative parties.

  Joacine was invited to interviews and television shows and was a star in street actions.

 The accompanying stuttering since small uninhibited. At school, this condition also never precludes Christmas parties or reading loud whenever needed.

  “I stutter when I speak, I don’t stutter when I think. What is a huge risk in the Assembly is those who are there and who stutter when they think, ” she said recently on TVI’s Gente Que Não Sabe Estar, program, hosted by Ricardo Araújo Pereira.

  Joacine Katar Moreira founded and she is president of INMUNE – Institute of Black Women in Portugal, which was founded in 2018. She describes as an “anti-racist entity” and “intersectional feminist” that wants to intervene in society and knowledge about the study of women. Black women. The creation of ethnic-racial quotas is one of Livre’s measures, as is the collection of ethnic-racial data on census populations and a change in the nationality law, so that all citizens who are affected in Portugal are automatically Portuguese.

Tayra Sani – The 4 years old fashion blogger | Tayra Boutique

Tayra Sani is a 4 years old fashion blogger, she was born in Cardiff, UK. Her parents are from Guinea-Bissau.

It all started when she was about 7 months old and her father had the idea to create a clothing brand for Tayra, but at the time Tayra’s mother decided not to do it because she was so little and she did not know if Tayra would be interested in fashion.

As the time goes by , Tayra was growing up and her mum realised that it was something she liked a lot.

At the age of four, Tayra is a very independent child with a strong personality, dresses on her own, and has her own preferences.

She really has a knack for fashion, it was about 2 months ago that Tayra’s parents decided to open their online boutique.

“It was not an easy decision because it takes a lot of work and because our personal lives are so busy it was difficult to manage that time.

We thank God for selling over 100 pieces at Tayra’s boutique in 2 months and one of our biggest dreams is to open her shop in Portugal”.

Said Inês Mendes, Tayra’s mother.

Are you not afraid to publish her photos on the Internet, since you totally lose control of where they can end up?

I’m not afraid to publish photos of her on the internet, her Instagram was created too late I think , she was not even 1 year old , some people creates earlier. I had received a lot of messages asking to create a personal Instagram for Tayra and also to share how her daily looks. I did not want to share her photos and her moments on my personal account , so I decided to create her own account to be able to show off Tayra’s daily life and encourage and inspire other mothers not only to dress up their kids but in other things as well.

Being a little fashion blogger, does this imply dressing a child with full adult looks or is it possible to continue to be a fashion blogger but in the more childish style?

In many photos you can see her with hello kitty ‘s bag or shoes. She also has Peppa pig and Minnie bags available on her boutique where I will also demonstrate that even doing adult looks she does not stop wearing things of child too. I really want her to stay within the childish style but a very different style that is rarely seen.

We want to bring a different concept to the market, because at the moment the most popular stores in the market offer very repetitive things and a bit out of style in our opinion. ”

Said Inês Mendes, Tayra’s mother.

Visit Tayra’s Instagram for more looks :

Preta by Nuccy | Katy Teixeira, the entrepreneur with her own homemade brand products runs a Facebook group with over 6.000 members

Katy Teixeira is an entrepreneur, she created her own hair and skin brand products named Preta by Nuccy and she is the founder of the Facebook group “Guigui Crespa Natural” which has over 6,000 members and “Padidas di Guiné”.

Katy thinks it is very important to assume natural hair because she believes everyone should be proud of our their roots.

It was then in 2016 that Katy decided to stop using hair chemicals and started taking care of her natural hair to set an example for her daughter.

“I want my daughter to like her hair so she won’t think that she has to use chemicals to be beautiful or have beautiful hair.”

Said Katy during the interview with Nobalur.

In 2017 Katy Teixeira decided to create her own line of skin and hair products.


The idea came across when she used to treat her hair and her daughters hair, Katy used to mixed her hair creams. A friend suggested that she shout started selling the products since they were very good and had good results.

 The products are completely homemade, customers prefer carite whipped cream, cocoa and mango butter. Mango butter is the product that customers consume the most, but the fact that it is a seasonal fruit Katy stated that it is not possible to produce it the whole year.

Preta by Nuccy are available in some stores in Guinea-Bissau and can also be shipped worldwide.

On July 27, Katy participated in the “Mes di Mudjer Afrikanu” event in Cape Verde where she represented Guinea-Bissau and talked about entrepreneurship and shared experiences with other Women.

Picture :

Picture :

In 2018 the group Guigui Crespa e Natural held an event in Bissau “Nha Cabelo nha Identidadi”

For Katy it was a wonderful experience where they addressed such topics as:

Female Empowerment, Skin Whitening and “My Hair in Your Identity”.

Among the 3 themes “skin whitening” was the most striking, as it remains a taboo to talk about this issue that has had a negative effect on society.

Katy Teixeira recently has created a Facebook group named “Padidas di Guiné” is a group focused on motherhood and mother to be , by sharing their previously and daily life experiences.

Watch our full interview with Katy Teixeira :

Homis Di Gossi – new single by the Diva Eneida Marta

Eneida Marta is a singer from Guinea-Bissau who sings in Portuguese and Guinea-Bissau Creole. Three of her albums have been released : “Nô Stória” , “Amari” and “Lôpe Kaï”.

Homis Di Gossi is the new single from the Guinean Diva Eneida Marta. It was today, June 17, the day of her birthday that Eneida decided to present her fans with this music that is a warning about the importance of the Fathers in their children lives.

A song written and composed by the artist Eric Daro.

“Thank you for trusting me and for giving voice to the music that means a lot to me. Maybe the best music I’ve done until today “.

Shared Daro in his social networks.

It is not the first time Daro and Eneida are working together , they already had a single “Mandjuas” which was part of the album “EFX Localizan” by Daro.

“Homis Di Gossi “ music video was filmed in Guinea Bissau by Onda Africana with and the music was produced by Attie Athanase Koudou.

This new single is part of Eneida’s new album “IBRAH” that has not yet release date.

ALDIVINA FERNANDES | I believe I’m going to do much more in the modelling industry

Aldivina Pereira Fernandes known as Fofa is 21 years old model , she was born in Guinea Bissau and currently lives in Portugal.

Her first fashion experience was at the age of 16, when she participated in the miss Guinea Bissau Portugal contest in 2014, having been a 2nd Lady of Honor. She is signed in the Portuguese agency called L’agence.

Fofa has participated in campaigns for brands such as Tiffosi, Seaside and editorials for magazines in Portugal and Spain. Aldivina also participated in fashion shows such as Moda Lisboa, showroom for L’real among others.

In a conversation with the nobalur team, Fofa said:

“I intend to be part of an agency in foreign countries so that one day I can become an International Model.

This is a short summary of the things I’ve done and I believe I’m going to do much more. ”

Written by : Braima Djata