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José Manuel In-Uba , the doctor who works in Aveiro and helped to build up six schools in Guinea-Bissau | Nobalur

José Manuel In-Uba is 59 years old, he was born in the Oio region , the northern part of Guinea-Bissau.

He emigrated to Portugal over 20 years ago, but never forgot his country. José Manuel is a doctor who currently works in Aveiro and São João da Madeira.

Over the years he has helped his country build up six schools in the village where he was born, Bindoro.

In addition to helping in the construction and rehabilitation of school in the neighboring boards.

The Guinean doctor created in 2017 a foundation, thus seeking that his solidarity activity has an greater impact.

The foundation focuses on health and education.

In the begging of the currently year the Foundation José Manuel In-Uba went to Guinea-Bissau with Doctors and nurses from Aveiro and Famalicão in order to help and train general practitioners to perform surgery.

Eleven doctors and nurses from Aveiro and Famalicão hospitals ran a solidarity marathon in Guinea-Bissau: in 15 days they operated 200 people, most of them children, in Simão Mendes Hospital.

  The team took all the necessary surgical equipment and willingness. In addition to voluntary assistance , they gave a training course for local doctors and nurses.

Through his foundation , José also rised school supplies, clothes and toys. Recently he made the donation delivery in Guinea-Bissau and TVI shared a report.

Leila Samati is representing Guinea-Bissau at Miss World 2019 | Biography

Leila Samati was born on August 28, 1998 in Portugal, Algarve. Daughter of Bacar Samati and Cadi Turé Samati.

Although she born in Portugal, Leila is very attached to her roots and very proud to be Guinean. She is a fan of Guinean culture, gastronomy , and people. Leila characterised her people as a humble with a very good heart.

She currently lives in England, where she’s studying Adult Nursing at University of Bedford.

Her passion for fashion started since she was 3 years old. Leila participated in her first photo shoot and since then she started to work with various brands. At the age of 10, she joined the modeling agency GoModels, where she participated in several fashion shows.

In 2014, Leila Samati participated in a major fashion show for several famous designers, facing a large audience in the city of Portimão.

In 2017, she participated in the Miss Guinea-Bissau Portugal beauty contest, in which she was elected the 2nd Bridesmaid and Miss Communication 2017.

In 2018, she decided to re-enter the beauty contest, and was the first candidate to represent Guinea-Bissau at Miss Africa United Kingdom 2018, in which she was very proud to have won and been crowned Miss Africa United Kingdom 2018/19 and Miss Catwalk.

Leila Samati was supported by Miss Africa and went to Guinea-Bissau on a charity mission in June of the currently year in which she revealed to be one of her greatest and most exciting achievements because she managed to help 300 children in a school in Bissau, and one of her goals is being to help the development of children’s education.

During this visit, she offered school materials for each student at Afonso Bipta.

On the occasion, Leila also visit the Bambaram orphanage where she celebrated the International Children’s.

During her reign as Miss Africa Great Britain, Leila Samati participated in many events, she went to Spain as member of the judges of Miss Guinea Guinea Bissau Spain 2019, she was also One if the judges to starvision in the Miss Transgender 2019 contest.

Diaspora Fashion Show , 2019

Leila worked as (Modeling coach) Model Mentor at the Diaspora Africa Fashion Show, she worked with 25 young people between the ages of 5 and 25. She trained them for the fashion show and inspired them to enjoy their modeling career.

Leila Samati is now Queen’s 4 a reason ambassador to Miss Africa Great Britain and continues to inspire other young people.

Currently she has been officially selected by the TOP GB International and the Miss and mister Guinea-Bissau National Committee to represent Guinea-Bissau in the Miss World competition which is being held from 20 November to 14 December in England.

Vote for Leila Samati :

Full interview with Leila Samati.

Footballer Pelé Gomes in collaboration with Nobalur for some donations in Guinea-Bissau

Judilson Mamadu Tuncará Gomes, known as Pelé, is a professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for AS Monaco FC, and Guinea-Bissau national team.

The footballer who has been following Nobalur project since 2017 , it was in April 2019 that Djurtu contacted Nobalur team to make some donations in Guinea-Bissau.

Pele was willing to help the most disadvantaged, but he believed that Nobalur could help him achieve that dream by giving due referrals and following the whole process of giving.

“I decided to get in touch with the Nobalur team because I saw that they post a lot of things on the Instagram about our country, but mainly about children and the orphanage where we came to make the donation today. I got in touch because I want to make a difference in these children lives. ”

Said Pele

It was on June 16, 2019 that Nobalur team ( Cláudia Correia, Rosete Fadul and Braima Djata) met Pelé and made the donations at LAR BETEL , and at MILA FOR AFRICA orphanage.

After the donations Pelé said he was a bit surprised by the situation of the children, and more surprised that people who are not from Guinea-Bissau help Guinea more than the Guineans. Since most orphanages in Bissau are run by foreigners.

“I felt sad to see this children’s situation , to see children younger than my son to go through this… but I also felt happy and proud to have helped.

I think if we all put together what we have and give to the needy we could do a lot more. ”

Watch the interview:

Written by : Pucurutcha Stella


Vanessa Mendes was born in Guinea Bissau, moved to Portugal when she was 2 years old.

Her modeling career started at age 18, one of her first experiences as a model was in the Miss Guinea Bissau Portugal competition in 2014 where she was Miss Congenitally. 

She also participated in the Miss European Portugal 2015 competition where she was nominated for top 10 of the best models in the south of Portugal.In 2015, Vanessa participated in the Miss Look Glamor competition being among the 40 best models in Portugal.

Vanessa has been conquering the world, she was in Brazil where she met great actors from TV GLOBO such as António Fagundes , Nathalia Timberg , Fulvio and many more. She Cat walked in Paris, South America and Africa being thus featured in several national and international magazines.

Vanessa Mendes has started her new charity project aimed at helping underprivileged children in Africa.

“I want to help children, give them more comfort and motivation to live life with dignity by contributing with school materials, clothing and toys”.

She started by visiting Angola in January 2019 where she visited schools and had great time with the children.

“Angola was the first country I visited since I always wanted to to know the country. I remember when I was younger the majority of my classmates were Angolans”.

The next country to visit is Guinea-Bissau, Vanessa Mendes intends to help underprivileged children in Guinea-Bissau and decided to start in Cacheu in the Caió region.

“I am from Cacheu and so I decided to help the children of my region because I feel that people only help the children in Bissau.”

Said Vanessa Mendes in an interview with Nobalur.

Written by : Pucurutcha Stella

Please help us in helping Lassana

Our friend Lassana Barbosa Mané was born in Guinea-Bissau on October 6, 1995. In 2014, at the age of 18, he ran after his dream – to be Minister of Economy in his country – and, following his brothers footsteps, travelled to Coimbra – Portugal with the goal of obtaining a degree in Economics.

Being an athlete, in love with sports, he chose to learn a martial art that always fascinated him from an early age, and entered the Jiu-Jitsu world, dreaming of being a black belt and teaching in Guinea. For three years he excelled in both academia and sports (3rd year of the degree of Economics at the Instituto Miguel Torga and blue belt ranking in BJJ – Escola CoimbraMMA), and grew up with principles of honesty and simplicity, always willing to help others.

On the fateful day of March 13, 2018, during a training session, his life would change drastically as he was severely injured in his cervical and was thrown onto a hospital bed with the harsh prognosis of full paralysis. In a second Lassana’s dreams collapsed, and he started what will be the biggest fight of his life: to survive, to never give up, and to regain his physical independence. The days following his surgery were long, and difficult obstacles persisted in crossing his way (breathing through a tube with the aid of the machine is not for everyone, it is for those who have the courage and cling to life; being in hospital in total isolation is an unimaginable situation).

In spite of everything Lassana does not give up and faces obstacles with his boyish smile and always with the faint hope of one day becoming Minister of Finance and a black belt.

Lassana is currently struggling to make a decent recovery at the reputed “Hospital de Alcoitão”, which, unexpectedly but following the procedures, sent him home on September 6th, leaving him at the care of his family. Unfortunately, his reintegration and recovery depend heavily on the financial possibilities his family has.

This is where all of those who want to give Lassana hope and strength come in. Because it is in giving that one receives, we ask that you contribute with a donation, however small.

The amount collected will be for rehospitalization in the “Hospital of Alcoitão”, or for the pursuit of an equivalent facility. ALL of the money will go straight to Lassana’s family.

Please help us in helping Lassana