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Braima Djata launches his 3rd collection of African-inspired garments dubbed “Banhina Ferre”

The activist, model and personal trainer Braima Djata released his new collection of African-inspired clothing named “Banhina Ferre” — a term which means “ Nô djubi djitu ” (let’s find a way) in the West African native language, Balanta.

Nobalur Team in Guinea-Bissau

Djata, who is also a representative of the company NOBALUR since 2017 (the year he started selling his clothes), is well known for his philanthropy and for being involved in several donations across Guinea-Bissau.

Braima Djata and Catarina Furtado

His inspiration came from the renowned stylist São Bibas and her daughter Bianca, who played a big part in introducing him to the world of fashion. After being involved in several fashion shows, for both national and international brands, the model decided to create his own clothing line.

Braima Djata modelling for Bibas

In May 2018, Djata introduced the world to his new brand named BD, which stands for his initials (Braima Djata), at the well-known TV program BEM-VINDOS, aired in Portugal by the channel RTP. Two years later, he decided to launch his 3rd collection in a digital and professional manner due to the lack of a physical store.

©️ KAKU20 | Banhina Ferre Collection
©️ KAKU20 | Banhina Ferre Collection
©️ KAKU20 | Banhina Ferre Collection

“I opted for a style of clothing that identifies with me, and generally, this is the style of clothing that I would use on Galas and ceremonies of great importance.”

“This 3rd collection focuses more on males, because there is a higher demand coming from them whenever they see me with the clothes.”

Braima Djata promises that soon there will be a collection made for females only.

The new collection is already available for purchase at the NOBALUR STORE on Instagram.

Written by: Francisco Quijera

Nampili Collection by AR The Brand That Makes a Difference.

“Nampili” is the name of the new collection by the stylist and designer Anderson Rodrigues.

Why did choose this name?

I named my collection Nampili because it means in the Mandjaco ethnic group “Badjuda’” (girl) It’s a tribute to my beloved mother who belongs to that ethnic group.

Where does the inspiration for this collection come from?

Inspiration came from the great black women; who in politics, cinema and the fashion industry fought hard for black women to be considered beautiful, too. And also fought to occupy their spaces in society and in major decision-making.

How was the whole creation process?

The process took 5 months until the final product.

What do you expect from this collection?

I hope this collection will be seen in every corner of the world, because I worked really hard to achieve the result that people are now seeing.

How is the audience reacting since the launch?

The public has given very positive feedback, it was what I wanted and thank God everything went well.

What materials did you use on the?

Nampili Collection 2020

The materials I used were the basic ones that we all use, fabrics with African prints and some western ones too — plus everything about my touches and my way.

Did you have support from any brand or someone for this collection?

I didn’t receive any financial support from anyone and no other brand. I was collecting small funds, buying the accessories little by little, the fabrics…everything was calmly planned and well thought out in every detail– but I always had moral support from my friends and also my uncle with whom I live.

Have you ever used our ‘pano de pinti’ in any of your collections?

Yes I’ve used our fabrics many times, my pieces were 90% made of ‘pano di pinti’. I just don’t do it now because it’s costly to bring the fabrics to London, but I do it, yes, a lot.

When did you start liking the fashion area?

I started to like fashion since high school. I always liked to be the different guy and always transformed my clothes so that I didn’t look like my classmates. After finishing high school, I went to study in Senegal and then I went to a modelling agency. Since than things have been flowing to this today.

Do you have any training in the field of fashion?

In Senegal I took an intensive fashion course for 3 months which I didn’t get to finish it because I had to go back to Guinea. But it is one of them ones, I had to go back to Guinea, however it is one of my goals now.

Do you have a family stylist?

I don’t have a stylist in my family or a tailor or anything like that.

If you weren’t a stylist what would you like to be?

If I weren’t a stylist, I would be a model or a dancer, because there are two other things that I also have a gift for.

Where can we find your clothing brand?

My brand can be purchased from me through my Facebook and Instagram.

How has the pandemic affected your life?

As I said before, this pandemic has changed the world and I am not left out. Since all my plans for this year have stood still, the bright side that seemed almost impossible to exist was the discovery of sewing — I had never done it before. And having more time to create, develop ideas, think well about life and my plans.

Have you ever done an International show?

I already participated in an international fashion show in Senegal in 2017, AEGBS fashion show.

What do you think about Guinean fashion?

Guinean fashion is evolving, I can say, frankly, but rather evolving. Because there are now many young people in the area of styling, as well as models, and people have already joined the fashion shows. Nowadays you do manage to have a full room at a Guinean fashion show; people do pay to attend fashion events.

Who inspires you in the fashion world? And outside of it who are your idols?

The people who inspire me in fashion are: Dina Adão, Umo Sy, Adama Paris, and my idol is Oliver.

How is Anderson Rodrigues out of fashion in everyday life?

Anderson Rodrigues out of fashion is a very nice young man, outgoing, I like to be with my friends, to talk, and to see some fashion contests. I like to cook and I love to dance.

Describe you in 3 words?

I am authentic, a dreamer and daring.

Indicate three qualities and three defects of yours?

Three qualities: kind, sincere and a good partner.
Three bad traits: impatient, anxious and lazy.

What is your biggest dream in fashion?

My biggest dream is to be an internationally known stylist, thus being able to take African culture, African fashion, African fabrics to the highest levels of fashion, breaking barriers, taboos and prejudice.

Written by: Cristina Fonseca

Translated by: Francisco Quijera

The model and businesswoman, Pucurutcha Stella, has launched the first makeup line in Guinea-Bissau.

The makeup line, which goes by the name BLACKFRODOLLS COSMETICS, is part of BLACKFRODOLLS ltd, a company that aims to promote African businesses and defends equality and diversity in Africa.

Pucurutcha Stella – Model, Businesswoman and Entrepreneur

The 27 year old entrepreneur, owner of Blackfrodolls and its sister company Nobalur, surprised her fans by being the first Guinean to create a makeup line in Guinea-Bissau.


The products are Vegan, they are not tested on animals, they are not toxic, they are waterproof and long lasting and the packaging is fully recyclable.

Pucurutcha believes that there is a shortage of cosmetics for black skin worldwide, but mainly in the African continent, so the initial focus of the project is going to be around African countries. Cosmetics


The first collection, K E N D O, pays homage to Stellas country of birth, the West African nation of Guinea-Bissau.

K E N D O is an expression used in Mandinga(African Dialect) which means; something good that has value, something positive.

It is also the traditional name given to the enterpreuneurs first born, Omar Bodhi Quijera Daro.

The businesswoman pretends to pay tribute to all African countries and she recognises that darker skin tones struggle to find the right type of foundation. To solve this issue in order to emphasise the importance of inclusion and to defend equality and diversity, she takes great care to provide a variety of 18 different tones.


All products are verified by health professionally and aimed at the African market, all collections are available to purchase in bulk and some online.

The first collection is already in stock and available to purchase online. It is already being dristibuted in Guinea-Bissau, by BISSAU COSMÉTICOS and in some African countries.

What inspired you to start the brand?

In 2016, I went through an embarrassing situation when a girl that didn’t like me decided to post something with the intent to damage my image on social media. It was something along the lines that I should ‘start using foundation that matches my skin tone’.

Being only 23 years old at the time, I was really embarrassed but acted like I didn’t care. However, over a certain period of time, I realised that in actuality it was hard to find foundation that would match my skin tone.

About a year had passed since that whole situation and when I created the BLACKFRODOLLS project in 2017, my younger brother Francisco, suggested the creation of a cosmetics brand.

At the time I had just got started with the whole concept and was scared, due to experience, of potentially creating something harmful to people’s skin.

It was then that 3 years later in 2020 amidst the pandemic that I decided to study and research more on the subject. When I felt more secure in myself I decided to invest in the cosmetics area.

Where can we find your products?

However , we’re only supplying in Bulk, large quantities to African companies, and some in Europe, they can still purchase online by email, DM or WhatsApp.

The products are available at BISSAU COSMÉTICOS in Guinea-Bissau. As a way of fighting unemployment in Guinea-Bissau, Blackfrodolls started its first recruitment process for the SALES & MARKETING team.

Written by: Luísa Fernandes

Translated by: Francisco Quijera

Leila Samati is representing Guinea-Bissau at Miss World 2019 | Biography

Leila Samati was born on August 28, 1998 in Portugal, Algarve. Daughter of Bacar Samati and Cadi Turé Samati.

Although she born in Portugal, Leila is very attached to her roots and very proud to be Guinean. She is a fan of Guinean culture, gastronomy , and people. Leila characterised her people as a humble with a very good heart.

She currently lives in England, where she’s studying Adult Nursing at University of Bedford.

Her passion for fashion started since she was 3 years old. Leila participated in her first photo shoot and since then she started to work with various brands. At the age of 10, she joined the modeling agency GoModels, where she participated in several fashion shows.

In 2014, Leila Samati participated in a major fashion show for several famous designers, facing a large audience in the city of Portimão.

In 2017, she participated in the Miss Guinea-Bissau Portugal beauty contest, in which she was elected the 2nd Bridesmaid and Miss Communication 2017.

In 2018, she decided to re-enter the beauty contest, and was the first candidate to represent Guinea-Bissau at Miss Africa United Kingdom 2018, in which she was very proud to have won and been crowned Miss Africa United Kingdom 2018/19 and Miss Catwalk.

Leila Samati was supported by Miss Africa and went to Guinea-Bissau on a charity mission in June of the currently year in which she revealed to be one of her greatest and most exciting achievements because she managed to help 300 children in a school in Bissau, and one of her goals is being to help the development of children’s education.

During this visit, she offered school materials for each student at Afonso Bipta.

On the occasion, Leila also visit the Bambaram orphanage where she celebrated the International Children’s.

During her reign as Miss Africa Great Britain, Leila Samati participated in many events, she went to Spain as member of the judges of Miss Guinea Guinea Bissau Spain 2019, she was also One if the judges to starvision in the Miss Transgender 2019 contest.

Diaspora Fashion Show , 2019

Leila worked as (Modeling coach) Model Mentor at the Diaspora Africa Fashion Show, she worked with 25 young people between the ages of 5 and 25. She trained them for the fashion show and inspired them to enjoy their modeling career.

Leila Samati is now Queen’s 4 a reason ambassador to Miss Africa Great Britain and continues to inspire other young people.

Currently she has been officially selected by the TOP GB International and the Miss and mister Guinea-Bissau National Committee to represent Guinea-Bissau in the Miss World competition which is being held from 20 November to 14 December in England.

Vote for Leila Samati :

Full interview with Leila Samati.

Tayra Sani – The 4 years old fashion blogger | Tayra Boutique

Tayra Sani is a 4 years old fashion blogger, she was born in Cardiff, UK. Her parents are from Guinea-Bissau.

It all started when she was about 7 months old and her father had the idea to create a clothing brand for Tayra, but at the time Tayra’s mother decided not to do it because she was so little and she did not know if Tayra would be interested in fashion.

As the time goes by , Tayra was growing up and her mum realised that it was something she liked a lot.

At the age of four, Tayra is a very independent child with a strong personality, dresses on her own, and has her own preferences.

She really has a knack for fashion, it was about 2 months ago that Tayra’s parents decided to open their online boutique.

“It was not an easy decision because it takes a lot of work and because our personal lives are so busy it was difficult to manage that time.

We thank God for selling over 100 pieces at Tayra’s boutique in 2 months and one of our biggest dreams is to open her shop in Portugal”.

Said Inês Mendes, Tayra’s mother.

Are you not afraid to publish her photos on the Internet, since you totally lose control of where they can end up?

I’m not afraid to publish photos of her on the internet, her Instagram was created too late I think , she was not even 1 year old , some people creates earlier. I had received a lot of messages asking to create a personal Instagram for Tayra and also to share how her daily looks. I did not want to share her photos and her moments on my personal account , so I decided to create her own account to be able to show off Tayra’s daily life and encourage and inspire other mothers not only to dress up their kids but in other things as well.

Being a little fashion blogger, does this imply dressing a child with full adult looks or is it possible to continue to be a fashion blogger but in the more childish style?

In many photos you can see her with hello kitty ‘s bag or shoes. She also has Peppa pig and Minnie bags available on her boutique where I will also demonstrate that even doing adult looks she does not stop wearing things of child too. I really want her to stay within the childish style but a very different style that is rarely seen.

We want to bring a different concept to the market, because at the moment the most popular stores in the market offer very repetitive things and a bit out of style in our opinion. ”

Said Inês Mendes, Tayra’s mother.

Visit Tayra’s Instagram for more looks :