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Ragui & Bagui is the name of the new children’s project by Eric Daro

Ragui & Bagui is the name of the new children’s project by Eric Daro that will be launched on 1st of June, the date that the world celebrates children’s day.

Daro, who is already a well-known artist, uses his art to educate and motivate children.

In 2018 the artist released his song ABC Localizan, which came with a music video with a lot of animation and learning.

The video was recorded in a school in Guinea-Bissau. It was the children’s version of the original song “Localizan” and aimed to alert and raise awareness both for adults and children about the importance of education.

Ragui & Bagui aims to educate children through educational content, games , music and a lot of entertainment.

Ragui which is the prefix of Rapaz / Rapacinho (boy ) and Gui the suffix of Guigui (Guinean).

As well as Bagui which is the prefix of Badjuda (girl) and the suffix of Guigui (Guinean).

It was the artist’s inspiration to create the project’s name in a way that did not create an ethnic name that could consequently cause social division.

Eric Daro believes that education has a crucial role in society, and it is important that we educate our children to value african culture.

The full episodes will be published on the official YouTube channel Ragui & Bagui and the first one will be release on 1st of June.

Written by: Pucurutcha Stella

“ The days were like this” – Etiandro Camala| Literature

The book The days were like this tells the story of a young man who, from the age of 9 to approximately 18- 21, had a hard time trying to overcome a disease called osteomyelitis. Due to the precarious conditions of the country in Guinea-Bissau only at 16 years got a medical board for Portugal after several attempts …

He had the dream of being a soccer player but the circumstances of life did not allow it. But he did not give up trying.

Together with family and friends Eti fought a terrible disease.

But how amazing my luck is. I always had the opportunity to taste the bright side of life.

Said Etivaldo Francisco Camala, the author and main character of the book, was inspired by his life story to write his first book.

The book has 68 pages , is available for purchase since July in bookstores and online through one of Portugal’s largest publishers, EDITORA CHIADO.