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Diima releases his album “Korson Di Tambur” | Biography

Diima Dahaba is a producer, mix engineer and Bissau-Guinean singer-songwriter, CEO Founder of the music label Bissilon Sound located in Bissau

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On 1st of June the artist Diima released his album “Korson Di Tambur” which has a lot of rhythm.
The album is already available on all digital platforms, contains 22 tracks and has the collaboration of several artists such as Eneida Marta, Cotche T, Werton, Charline Vaz, Vida Gomes, Klash, Patche di Rima among others.

The music video “June” with the international Models will be released this month (22nd June).

Diima is a very versatile singer, producer and sound engineer who is behind the success of several songs by national and international artists.

He came from a multicultural family. Diima spent his early childhood between Ukraine and Russia. He had his first contact with music when he was 4 years old being exposed to his father’s vast collection of Pop, Afrobeat, Jazz and Blues music.

Dima Dahaba

In 1998 with the Civil War of 7 June his family left Guinea-Bissau and moved to Dakar, Senegal, and later on moved to Ukraine and where he started taking the first steps as beatmaker on a Sony Playstation.

In 2000, with the end of the war and return to Guinea-Bissau, he founded his first rap group named “Barudjo Rap” q mixed Hip-Hop with African music.

In 2002 Diima moved to Brazil to study and in the same year he founded his second group of Hip-Hop / R & B called Sevenlox and had considerable success during the 15 years of activities. Having opened shows by Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Mr. Catra, Racionais MC’s and Marcelo D2 and collaborated with several artists from Brazil, Portugal, United States and Angola.

Since his arrival in Brazil, he has collaborated on stages and studios as a singer, composer, producer and audio engineer for national and international artists from different musical segments such as Da Guedes, Negra Li, Cabal, Don L, Quelynah, Cine, Leo da Baixada, Melon Woman, Angélico Vieira and Vokabulo have already counted on their productions, arrangements and mixes.

In 2016, he released his first solo EP “Vizon” independently, created in collaboration with the Brasillian producer Victor Reis which brings in its essence a fusion of R&B, Hip-Hop and African rhythms.

In 2018 Diima returned to Guinea-Bissau with the aim of founding a music label, to inspire and help to launch careers for young artists.
The label is currently working on upcoming releases.

Bissilon Sound Instagram

Written by: Pucurutcha Stella

Bandé-Gamboa: celebrates Bissau-Guinean and Cape Verdean Music

The Bandé-Gamboa project, which joins two intergenerational bands from Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde, launches tomorrow, 12th June their debut album, seeking to captivate young Africans and Westerners.

It also has a book that accompanies the album, after 20 years of searching for African vinyls and CDs. Africans and Afrodescendants rarely buy records, so African culture is reduced to genres such as reggae, soul, funk or rock. Those who buy are limited to “old school.”

The publisher went ahead with the creation of two bands, one of Cape Verdean musicians and the other of Guinean musicians who live in Lisbon, to recreate old songs from the two countries, with different goals.

In the case of Guinea-Bissau, it tried to make “fresh and contemporary versions” of gumbé, a style little known outside the country and which was being recorded by many artists and with different ideas than usual.

In Cape Verde case, the versatility of funaná and its limits were tested, as it was known worldwide as opposed to gumbé.

There is a challenge to try to please the public on both continents.

Today, they will reissue in Guinea-Bissau the Super Mama Djombo, a band of rare records and very sought after in the West.

The album, which will be released on June 12 in physical and digital format, has six themes for each country, also paying tribute to Amílcar Cabral, co-founder of the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde and one of the greatest symbols of struggle for the independence of the two countries.

The Guinea-Bissau band directed by Juvenal Cabral, is composed by Eric Daro, Iragrett Tavares and Micas Cabral, in the voices, Calú Ferreira , Eliseu Imbana and Sidia Baio, in the guitars, Toni Bat (drums), Ernesto da Silva (percussion) and Elmano Coelho (saxophone).
The Cape Verdean band, directed by bassist Lúcio Vieira, includes Celso Évora, Débora Paris and Kinha Andrade, in the voices, Daya Neves (keys), Ivan Gomes (guitar), Cau Paris (drums), Djair de Pina (percussion) ) and Elmano Coelho (saxophone).

Written by: Cristina Lopes da Fonseca

Ragui & Bagui is the name of the new children’s project by Eric Daro

Ragui & Bagui is the name of the new children’s project by Eric Daro that will be launched on 1st of June, the date that the world celebrates children’s day.

Daro, who is already a well-known artist, uses his art to educate and motivate children.

In 2018 the artist released his song ABC Localizan, which came with a music video with a lot of animation and learning.

The video was recorded in a school in Guinea-Bissau. It was the children’s version of the original song “Localizan” and aimed to alert and raise awareness both for adults and children about the importance of education.

Ragui & Bagui aims to educate children through educational content, games , music and a lot of entertainment.

Ragui which is the prefix of Rapaz / Rapacinho (boy ) and Gui the suffix of Guigui (Guinean).

As well as Bagui which is the prefix of Badjuda (girl) and the suffix of Guigui (Guinean).

It was the artist’s inspiration to create the project’s name in a way that did not create an ethnic name that could consequently cause social division.

Eric Daro believes that education has a crucial role in society, and it is important that we educate our children to value african culture.

The full episodes will be published on the official YouTube channel Ragui & Bagui and the first one will be release on 1st of June.

Written by: Pucurutcha Stella

Djodje feels sorry for never had a concert in Bissau | “I have a strong bond with that country, my mother is Guinean and I spent most of my childhood in Guinea-Bissau”

Djodje is a Cape Verdean singer-songwriter based in Portugal.

With almost 20 years of career, Djodje started singing at age 12 and founded the band TC , he now has 3 albums and several hit singles. 

When he was 20 years old , Djodje created his own label Broda Music.

Today he is one of the biggest stars of lusophony with more than 150 million views on youtube and more than 300 thousand followers in social networks.
Internationally awarded, he has a soft and strong voice that conveys emotion and makes you want to dance to the rhythm of Kizomba and AfroPop.

Djodje at the lusophone festival in Macao (2019)

Son of musician parents, the father was guitarist of the Sharks (one of the most respected bands of Cape Verdean music) and his mother is Guinean from a family of singers and composers (family Marta), he began to take his first steps in music from an early age.

Djodje spent most of his childhood in Guinea-Bissau , despite being born in Cape Verde, once the son of a Guinean mother. Djodje also considers that he is also part of Guinea.

On his single “Ses Boca” he mentioned that.

In an interview with Expresso Das Ilhas CV, Djodje quoted:

I have performed in PALOP countries and not only. I have been to Angola a few times. Mozambique not yet. We have programmed a few times but it has not happened yet. I know my music is very well known there but we still can’t make it. Guinea-Bissau is more “serious” because I have a strong bond with that country, my mother is Guinean and I lived there a few years… I really want to go there, there have been invitations but it has not been possible yet.

The artist feels sorry for never had a concert in his mother’s country and hopes one day he will be able to do it.

Alana Sinkey shared the stage with Shakira |Nobalur

On November 24th Alana shared the stage with Shakira at the Davis Cup Finals event.

The singer and guitarist shared on her Instagram page some pictures and moments.

“Who was going to tell me that I would be on a stage with Shakira as a guitarist.

That’s how it was at @DavisCupFinals, yesterday in Madrid!

Very nice to participate in such a production, meet the choreographer @JaquelKnight and @CamiloMusica !!

I dedicated this moment to my mother for her birthday (…)

Thank you torpedoes for this adventure together @GabrielPeso_, @BrunoLopesBass1, @ Patax.Official! ”

Said Alana Sinkey under the picture she shared next to Shakira.

Alana Sinkey is a Guinean singer, raised in Portugal, emigrated to Madrid when she was 17 years old.

Daughter of a musician , she started singing a solo and played guitar in small places around Madrid.

Currently she’s part of CosmoSoul. The band was born from the union of 5 gifted musicians from various cultures creating an original sound deeply rooted in Soul and R&B. These individuals, hailing from five different countries ( Italy , Nigeria , Guinea-Bissau , Argentina and Spain ), have come together, as if cosmically drawn to the cosmopolitan streets of Madrid, and have taken the city by storm.