Temet Nosce is the name o the new album by YoungMax

On the 15th of August the Artist Young Max released his new album “Temet Nosce “ with 10 instrumentals and 10 musics sung in English and Portuguese including some music videos.The album is now available in all digital platforms.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Guiguita and Blessings are part of this album, including very powerful messages. Guiguita lyrics was inspired by the artist and the emigrants reality in London. It’s not easy to move from one country to another , leaving our family behind in order to get a better future. In this track Young Max approached this subject in a very educational and motivational way.

On the other hand Blessings music video starts with a message :

Sorry I spent the budget on this video for some more important shit like travelling and enjoying myself so I had to cut off some corners by directing and editing on my own. But guess what ? As long as I have females dancing on my video nobody will care or notice. So hopefully you will join the 95% of the people that don’t give a damn about lyrics.

The artist highlighted the way the industry are more focused on the image and beauty standards instead of appreciating the real content of the music.

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