From journalism to fashion, find out more about Ivandra Ié

I did not know anything about fashion, I did not have the slightest idea of anything about modelling. I did not have an inspiration that could influence me when I first started.

Ivandra Ié , an international model born in Guinea-Bissau , raised in Portugal and currently living in France.

When did you start working as a professional model?

I started working as a professional model when I was 17 years old. I had the honour to start working with great professionals.

But before that it wasn’t nothing professional I used to take it as a hobby.

Did you have any influence to start your career?

Not at all, I have always been passionate about taking pictures. I did not know anything about fashion, I did not have the slightest idea of anything about modelling. I had no inspiration that could influence me when I first started. Only after being inside the fashion industry I realised I had skills.

What was your first experience as a model?

Well, as a professional model, it was in a fashion show (I can’t remember the name) but as I remember there was all the most famous public figures in Portugal. From models, actresses to TV Presenters. It was beautiful, and a huge adrenaline during the whole show. Then it was at Lisbon Fashion Week , I was glad and it was a great achievement to be part of the biggest fashion event in Portugal.

Are you currently registered in any agency?

Yes. I am registered with FACE MODELS, but since I already know a little of the industry so I also work as a freelance model.

How many agencies have you worked with so far ?

I started in 2008 with the DXL Agency, at that time it was the best agency in Portugal, where amazing models such as Naima Mingas, Ana Sofia Martins were also signed in. Then from 2010 to 2015 I was registered with L’AGENCE Models , where I spent most of the time with. In 2015 I started working with FACE MODELS which is the agency I am currently working with.

What were the jobs that most influenced your career?

In my opinion there is not a particular job. When you are working nationally , it’s more about the job, empathy , costumers and the energy with the companies you work with.

Perhaps internationally , I think all the magazines cover that I did influenced a lot in my progress as a model.

As an International Model can you mention the countries you have already been ?

I have worked in Portugal , France, Spain, Italy, Morocco, China, Turkey, Angola, England and Germany.

What was your childhood dream job?

I wanted to be a journalist or a hairdresser.

What is your biggest dream as a model?

My biggest dream is to open a modelling agency, and teach the mannequins everything I learned and what I did not learn in the fashion industry. To be a sort of “mother” in the fashion world.

Ivandra Ié, Angola , TV Zimbo advert

Ivandra Ié , Istanbul , Advertisment

Written by : Pucurutcha Stella

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