Igor Regalla – The Movie « Gabriel » will be available in March 2019 at the cinemas in Portugal

Igor Regalla is a Guinean actor and director , currently living in Portugal.

As a director he is well known as Valete – Baile de Máscaras and NGA – Dificil.

A Àgua e o Mar was his first television experience in 2014 at RTP1. In this story, Igor was « Silvo Paixão » , since then the actor interpreted several characters but one of the best known characters was “Telmo” in the soap opera A Única Mulher on TVI in 2016.

In 2019 will be available in the cinemas the new movie Gabriel a film by Nuno Bernardo.

I spent more than half an hour writing a a caption that did not fit into instagram. It is a case to say that the words I have to describe what this film represents, do not fit in this post. And that might sound poetic. Because in fact it is. What we did, everyone involved, in almost a record time, is incredible! The trailer will be available soon. I assure you that you will see a very good trailer! But the film is indeed better (…)

Published Igor Regalla in his instagram on July 16, 2018 to announce his participation on the movie.

In this film Regalla portrays the life of a young Cape Verdean boxer who enters a dangerous Box fight to save his father’s life.

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