The Victoria’s Secret Model Maria Borges is in Guinea-Bissau

Written by : Pucurutcha Stella

Borges known for appearing in the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion made history by becoming the first black model to rock her natural hair on the runaway.

Maria Borges requested Victoria’s Secret to walk on the fashion show with her natural hair.

In an interview with Pop Sugar Fashion , Borges said :

“Embrace your beauty , embrace your natural hair. Be happy , be confident! If you feel confident you will show others that you feel beautiful with short hair or long hair”.

Borges is in Guinea-Bissau with her husband , the international Guinean ator Mandinga.

Their fans tribute them at the aeroport and went with them to the hotel. Check the full video :

In partnership with Night Vision Company we will be doing a welcome meeting on the 28th DEC at Ceiba Hotel in Bissau with the aim to empower other women to embrace their natural hair and beauty.

As a role model and entrepreneur, Borges will be visiting the hospital Simão Mendes at the maternity sector.

Maria will also have the opportunity to explore our wonderful country and visit the Rubane island.

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