Justino Delgado will celebrate 40 years of career at the Stadium | Guinea-Bissau

Justino Delgado is undoubtedly an icon not only in Guinea-Bissau but also in Africa.

Born in the islands of Bijagós, precisely in Bubaque it was from an early age that he spared interest in music.

But it was in Bissau that he started his career early on. Considering that his talent was and continues to be a “Divine Gift”, mentioned Justino in an interviews in 2018.

One of the first ambassadors of Guinean Music around the world, after having gone through several stages nationally and internationally Juju Delgado as it is called by its people, will give a concert in the 24th of September stadium on March 30, 2019 to celebrate its 40 years of career.

The show will feature the presence of several artists such as:

Masta Tito, Binhan, Dulce Neves, Iva and Ichi, Zé Manel among others.

Click the link below and listen to the albums :



Written by : Pucurutcha Stella

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