Geba River | Guinean CNN journalist Umaro Djau has sent an open letter to Senegalese President Macky Sall

Umaro Djau says that the construction of two dams in Senegal has prevented the flow of large water to the tributaries of three major rivers on the Guinean side.

Image by Nobalur – Bafatá , 2019

In the letter, Umaro Djau takes into consideration the concerns of the populations of Bafatá and Gabú in the east and Oio in northern Guinea-Bissau to inform Macky Sall that Senegal has to take another stance in managing the water in both rivers. countries.

“I am writing you to share my concerns about the effects of the Niandouba and Anambe (confluent) dams built on the Kayanga/Geba River, most of which (65%) is located in Guinea-Bissau. As a matter of fact, Geba, the downstream part of this same basin, is the longest river in Guinea-Bissau.

The named dams, particularly the one on the Anambé River, which is located between the areas of Kolda and Velingara – only 20 kilometers from the border with Guinea-Bissau — have been depriving my home country from valuable water resources since 1984, when the first dam was built at the confluence between Anambé and the Kayanga rivers. However, in recent years, there has been a significant rainfall reduction, which constitutes one of the additional factors in reducing water flow from the main bed of the basin and its tributaries. “

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