Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde facilitate citizens’ residence between the two countries

Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde’s diplomatic chiefs announced on September , 15 that they will sign an agreement to facilitate the residence of Guinean and Cape Verdean citizens in both countries.

“This visit is the beginning of a new stage in relations between the two countries. With this visit we decided that an agreement will be signed providing for a special special treatment for Guinean residents in Cape Verde. This treatment will be reciprocal, ”said Suzi Barbosa, referring to her Cape Verdean counterpart.

The Guinean head of diplomacy was speaking to journalists at the Government Palace in Bissau, together with her Cape Verdean counterpart, Luís Filipe Tavares.

“The two ambassadors will prepare an agreement to strengthen political and diplomatic dialogue and solve some problems in our communities, especially Guinean [in Cape Verde] regarding documentation and identification,” said the Cape Verdean Foreign Minister.

For Luis Filipe Tavares, the two countries should work for the “complete integration of Guineans in Cape Verde and Cape Verdeans in Guinea-Bissau”.

“This is an important milestone for the future of our relations,” said Suzi Barbosa.

The Cape Verdean foreign minister also stressed that the two countries should sign an agreement to relaunch cooperation in the defense sector.

The head of diplomacy traveled to Bissau accompanied by the executive secretary of the organisation, the Portuguese ambassador, Francisco Ribeiro Telles.

The Guinean minister thanked CPLP’s “determining role” in resolving the country’s political crisis.

“We want to re-establish the CPLP standing committee in Guinea-Bissau. I have the approval of the Prime Minister Aristides Gomes for the establishment of a CPLP headquarters in Bissau, ”

Suzi Barbosa announced.

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