Portugal | Livre Elects Joacine Katar Moreira, A Bissau Guinean Activist

Joacine Katar is on the Livre by Lisbon list and was elected deputy yesterday.

Joacine Katar Moreira is 37 years old, she left Guinea-Bissau and moved to Portugal when she was eight years old.

  In Guinea she was raised by her grandmother because her parents were very young. Her grandmother sent her to boarding school in Mafra, Portugal in order to get away from the political instability in Guinea.

  Joacine says that she loved to go to school very much, but when she arrived in Portugal, she was sent back in the second year because it was what used to be done in Portugal to children of African origin. This setback motivated her to strive in her studies.

  Eventually she entered the university. To pay the fees she worked in supermarkets and hotels. She graduated in Modern and Contemporary History, earned a master’s degree in Development Studies and a doctorate in African Studies at ISCTE, where she is a researcher at the Center for International Studies.

  The first time access to Livre was released in the 2015 legislatures. She ranked 22nd on the Lisbon list. In 2019, she became the first black woman to activate a list of legislative parties.

  Joacine was invited to interviews and television shows and was a star in street actions.

 The accompanying stuttering since small uninhibited. At school, this condition also never precludes Christmas parties or reading loud whenever needed.

  “I stutter when I speak, I don’t stutter when I think. What is a huge risk in the Assembly is those who are there and who stutter when they think, ” she said recently on TVI’s Gente Que Não Sabe Estar, program, hosted by Ricardo Araújo Pereira.

  Joacine Katar Moreira founded and she is president of INMUNE – Institute of Black Women in Portugal, which was founded in 2018. She describes as an “anti-racist entity” and “intersectional feminist” that wants to intervene in society and knowledge about the study of women. Black women. The creation of ethnic-racial quotas is one of Livre’s measures, as is the collection of ethnic-racial data on census populations and a change in the nationality law, so that all citizens who are affected in Portugal are automatically Portuguese.

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