Allen Halloween launched his first book “Livre Arbítrio” – Biography | Nobalur

The book brings together the lyrics of the rapper and poet, from his first album, “Projeto Mary Witch” (2006), to the albums “Árvore Kriminal” (2011) and “Híbrido” (2015), but also lyrics from his next album “Unplugueto”.

Allen Halloween is one of the greatest figures of Portuguese Rap, gathering a true cult around his unique style and impactful voice that leaves a strong impression on the listener, both from a musical and message perspective.

The universe of his lyrics is strongly literary and poetic, with an imaginary but strongly grounded in reality. The characters in the lyrics usually struggle with a strong social determinism that conditions their choices and choices on themes of strong biblical inspiration where heroism, trial, guilt and redemption struggle in a fierce dance. Allen Halloween can recreate the sordid with undeniable poetic candor and narrative meaning.

In his writings the voices of countless larger-than-life characters, many anonymous heroes and everyday anti-heroes, whose voices and stories we would never know if we did not give this author the unavoidable opportunity to listen and now read.

The book will have a foreword by Mário Lopes, a journalist for Público, and some images from Susana Luzer’s already mythical photo shoot around Allen Halloween.

Allen Pires Sanha was born in Guinea-Bissau in 1980.

From an early age his father emigrated to Germany to study economics and his mother to Portugal to look for a better living conditions.

At 9 years old Allen lived in Santo António dos Cavaleiros, in extremely poor conditions with his family.

Allen Halloween’s father.
Allen Halloween with his mother and family.

At age 13 he witnessed a murder of his neighbours in the neighbourhood, since then the pseudonym “Halloween” has emerged.

His first contact with rap was in 1995 but it was in 1999 that he began his career and founded the “Youth Kriminal ” group that was created by him, Johnny Ganza (R.I.P) , Yuri B among others.

  Allen Halloween always liked to write , it was in 2000 that he released the first songs. In 2006 he released his first project “Mary Witch” with 11 tracks, the name of the album was inspired by the horror movie “Blurry Witch”.

Between 2006 and 2011 Halloween decided to devote more to his personal life and his family.

In 2008 he went to live in Cais do Sodré with his wife and children.

“I like music a lot but there are things that I put first, which is my family.” Allen Halloween stated in an interview with Hip Hop Tuga in 2013.

His music is always based on the events of the daily life, his surroundings and mostly his concerns. Halloween believes that rap should be based on real facts.

In 2011 he released his album “Árvore Kriminal ”which was entirely produced by himself except from tracks (SOS World and Rapordagem).

In 2015 he released the album “Hibrido”, Halloween compares both albums referring that there is more maturity in terms of Beat and a great improvement as an artist.

“I am a difficult person to fit in, I consider myself a person of various nationalities, various people and various social status. And that is reflected in my songs. ”

The album “Hibrido” was almost entirely produced by him and he considers it to be an album made just for his ears as it would not change anything about it.

The next Album “Unplugueto” is ready and will be released on December , 15 in all digital platforms.

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