Allocation of professional card to journalists in Guinea-Bissau

The correspondence of the newspaper Expresso in Bissau, and one of the most respected Guinean journalists Fernando Jorge admitted that the attribution of the portfolio to journalists in Guinea-Bissau, will allow a sanitation in the country’s Social Communication sector.

“With the attribution of the professional card there will be a sanitation in our class, because it is not enough to read a statement and consider yourself a journalist. In this plan, I think that it depends on us and the team that is in front of this institution, the documents that they will demand and the evidence to assign the wallet is not just paying a fee or photography “explained Fernando Jorge.

According to the journalist, the attribution of the professional portfolio does not depend solely on the selection or screening that the portfolio commission is doing, but also depends on the economic health of the media companies.

It also warns of the need for serious investment in the country’s media companies, thus mitigating the level of precariousness to which professionals in the area are subject.
Maria da Conceição oravora former journalist for Radio Difusão Nacional also joined this initiative. Showing satisfaction with this approval of the draft law of the Professional Portfolio Law for journalists.

“It is to say that the journalistic class of Guinea-Bissau is to be congratulated, that instrument related to the attribution of the professional portfolio to journalists comes to fill a gap that existed in the media sector. at our disposal “, explained Maria Conceição Evora.
He also recalled that there were decades of struggle to approve this document, which will define who is actually a journalist in the country, after issuing the professional card.

The professional card of journalist, according to Conceição Évora is a document valid throughout the national and international territory, exclusive to journalists who are graduated or with professional registration.

This document can be used as a credential for exercising the profession in some places. Another advantage is that the professional can prove his activity in case of questions.
Indira Correia Baldé, a correspondent for RTP-Africa, considered it a victory for the media in Guyana, promises that by December the process of attributing the portfolio will begin through an independent commission with journalists.

He also appealed to media professionals about the responsibility of complying with the laws and continuing to work in Portugal in Guinea-Bissau.

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