Sobre nós


In a far-off town , there was a young woman who grew up and studied her whole life away from her mother land. A woman full of dreams and willing to change the path and the way the world sees Guinea-Bissau. A  woman with positivity, with hope and determination. A woman who even despite all the distance, but who due to its education never lost the habits and customs of its country.
In love with the bright colours , in love with the Creole, in love with the food , well … in love with Guinea-Bissau.
Thus was born the “Nobalur”, somewhere in England miles away from “Império” physically but never far from the heart.
Nobalur means (our value) it was founded by Liliana Quijera with the aim to promote the beautiful side of Guinea-Bissau in every sector.

Creating platforms by supporting and promoting Guinea-Bissau

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