Netos di Bandim disseminating our culture at national and international level

Picture by nikitafrolov

Netos de Bandim was Founded by Ector Diogenes in 2000 , is a Cultural  Group,  a socio-cultural movement, with a conciliatory, creative and multiethnic orientation; a true artistic-cultural response of Guinean society to the construction of peace and the reconstruction of the country after violent and painful civil wars , a group of young artists its musicians and dancers were performing to animate the squares and streets of Bissau. For the “Netos”, music and dancing have always been something more than just entertainment is a hope for troubled youth in their neighborhood.

The group has already carried out a number of cultural actions to raise awareness and social mobilization in Guinea Bissau, focusing on the following topics: national, continental and world PEACE, the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CDC), STD prevention , malaria and cholera. Its target audience are children and teenagers, offering cultural training (mainly local dances and music), social inclusion and socio-cultural development. The “Netos de Bandim”, which is formed by 90 members (37 men and 53 women).

The group has stood out in the carnival of the country and in several festivals in the African continent, winning many prizes and a well deserved recognition.

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