Patche di Rima will be at PANAFEST-USA 2018

image-1On August 2018 the artist Patche de Rima were invited to participate on the 9th annual Pan Africa Festival in United States to represent Guinea-Bissau in a multicultural way.


Over the past 20 years in Montgomery County and the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area, several continental African countries and community organisations have celebrated their unique culture and heritage.

The festival is held each year on the last Saturday in September as September is an African heritage in Montgomery County so its fitting the month with long celebration of all things African so this year it will take place on the 22nd of September 2018.

This year’s festival marks the 9th anniversary of the festival that have seen up to 11.000 come to celebrate the African culture.

PANAFEST-USA is organised to promote solidarity among all Africans, and develop a cultural support network for African Diaspora communities in the Capital region under the overall theme I Love African Heritage Unity!

The event lineup offers arts and culture, world-class entertainment and community spirit featuring participants from all South, East and West Africa as well as those from the Caribbean and the Americas. Attendees can also expect to see live bands, performance of various African dances, with some bands coming from as far as Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzana just to name a few. Attendees will also enjoy Fashion shows featuring high fashion for children & adults.

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