King Klash








King Klash is a Bissau-Guinean artist, he started his career in mid-2005 Os Balobeiros a group formed by three elements that sang rap.

After receiving a scholarship Klash went to study in Russia for six years where he graduated in Administration.”I chose this course because I always wanted to be my own manager and have more clue about how to manage my own business,” Klash quoted in an interview in 2014 on the program Bem-Vindos at RTP Africa.Due to the studies Klash was absent from the studios which caused the separation of the group for reasons of distance.

In December 2013 he released his first album “Kussas má nós”. In September 2017 he released his second album entitled “Além do Limite” , the album was considered one of the biggest moments of his career after performing one of the best shows in the history of Guine Bissau, at 24 de Setembro stadium that had more than 40,000 people.

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