Manecas Costa

Manecas Costa was born in 1967 in Guine-Bissau, Cacheu. An artist with more than 40 years of career.

Manecas Costa in Guinea-Bissau , 9 years old.

He learned to play guitar when he was 8 years old at home with his brother and from there they started playing in neighborhoods.

During his childhood, Manecas and his brother created their first musical group entitled “Africa Livre ” ​​and won one of the biggest festivals in Guinea-Bissau.

Manecas Costa has had a lot of influence from Jose Carlos Schwarz since childhood, where he had the honour to meet him and learn many lessons about music , says Manecas in all interviews.

When he was 10 years he was invited to Collaborate with the Argan Orchestra in Cuba.

He was part of several groups such as Super Mama Djombo , N’kasa Cobra, Tchifi black among others.Since little he used to go in the villages to give vaccines and explain its importance to our health. At the age of 19 he was appointed UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

In 1987 Manecas went to Angola at Festival Top 5 to represent Guinea-Bissau. In the 90’s he emigrated to Portugal, and with the support of UNICEF Manecas recorded his first album “Mundo di Femea”, an album dedicated not only to women from Guinea Bissau or to women from around the world, but especially to his deceased twin sister.

9 years later he recorded his second album entitled “Fundo di Mato” considering the album that internationalised his career. “Fidjus di Guiné foronta” featuring the Portuguese artist Luís Reprezas was one of the tracks that had the most impact on his album. A song that portrayed the situation in Guinea-Bissau during the war appealing for peace and love.

Years later Manecas recorded his album “paraíso di gumbé” where he was recognised and invited by the BBC media to do a tour in different cities of England that bet on his career, fulfilling his dream of recording in Guinea Bissau, traveling with Manecas to his native land .

In 100 nominated albums “Paraíso di Gumbé” was considered Top 20 of one of the best albums by the Music Awards, being the face of Froots magazine.

In 2009 he participated in the project “Alô irmão” with the participation of the Spanish artist Narf a song that was successful nationally and internationally.

In 2017 Manecas was TV presenter at RTP at “Nô bai Guiné-Bissau” , a project that leads to a deep knowledge of Guinea Bissau a tour of the most beautiful islands of Guinea Bissau from Bijagós, Gabu, Buba, Bafafá, the viewer marvelled at the culture, the legends, the nature, the oneness of the magical land.

During these long years of his career, the legendary has continued his musical career and has participated and collaborated with several international artists such as: Lura , Sara Tavares , Eneida Marta, Zé Manel, Paulo Flores, C4Pedro, Yuri da Cunha among many others always leaving a magic and an unmistakable mark of his guitar’s melody.

Manecas Costa with Paulo Flores at Maputo’s Azgo festival rocks to the sounds of Africa

Manecas Costa with Yuri da Cunha

Manecas Costa with Sara Tavares
Manecas Costa with Lura
Manecas Costa with C4 Pedro

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