Guti Almada explains the meaning of the PEGA TESSU Brand

Pega Tessu is more than a brand it’s a Motto. When a Bissau-Guinean says “Bu tem ke Pega Tessu” the aim is always to encourage the other person to be better and to do better.

Who is the CEO ?

Samurayner is the CEO.

What does it mean “Pega Tessu”?

Pega Tessu is term originally from Guine-Bissau that means: strength, attitude, determination, persistency. In this case Pega Tessu has its main purpose to encourage and motivate people. It is a multifaceted word and can be used in different contexts. When a Guinean says “bu tem ke pega tessu “ the aim is always to encourage the other to be better and to do better.

How many years has the brand existed?

The idea already came about 10 years ago. But officially it exists for 6years.

We can see that your logo has the image of an ant and some messages. Can you explain the meaning to us?

The official type logo is an ant crowned in a shield, the logo you are referring to , is a t-shirt model that we have launched with all the meanings that the word Pega Tessu has. We put the meanings in English because it is an universal language so that the world could perceive the various meanings of the word.

We chose a crowned ant because we know that the crowned ant is the best organised insect in the animal world, it has the capacity to live in society and have the skill to work as a team. All ants have their pre-defined work, and when we see an anthill we see authentic works of art. Apart from the ant being a very hardworking animal, it has the ability to lift 1.575 stones above its body weight. And as the term Pega Tessu is a multifaceted word then we chose a multifaceted animal within the concept that we wanted to introduce into society. No doubt , there’s nothing better than the ant to describe Pega Tessu.

Years ago , Samurayner made a song called Pega Tessu was there where the idea came from?

The idea had been around for a long time. There are two songs with the participation of many artists. The music was inspired by the brand. Just as the term Pega Tessu is multifaceted, so it’s the music. The music has several artists from different backgrounds, ethnicities, countries, “fights “ and they are all singing the same word that was what we wanted to introduce. It does not matter if you are white or black, poor or rich, tall or short, fat or thin. The goal is always the same! To Pega Tessu everyday in order to achieve the best of ourselves.

By the outcomes of your work we can realise that Pega Tessu is more than just a brand. Is it also a Motto?

Pega Tessu is a term that we have to carry for the rest of our lives. It has the ability to encompass all the right necessary condiments to be successful in life. Being successful is not just financially. To be successful in life is to fight, to wake up everyday , to be able to support our children, to be able to be happy, to be in a stable relationship, to create a stable home. That is to be a successful person, a person who Pega Tessu and has the capacity to be successful on a physical and mental level is an exemplary person. And an exemplary person is a person who can be good to himself and to others.

Nowadays we say a lot that “together we are stronger” yes I agree. But we are only stronger together if we are strong individually so this is the great motto of the Pega Tessu.

Your team is made up of how many elements? Do you all live in the same country?

We are 6 elements at the moment but we are recruiting more people. We are not looking for trained people. We are looking for someone who can grow up with us. We have a concept in Pega Tessu. “Let’s all get together to succeed and grow together”.

The majority live in Portugal, we have some members around Europe and Samurayner lives in the United States.

What is your biggest goal?

The biggest goal is to expand the brand in several ways. Samurayner is a multifaceted person and I am always using this word “multifaceted “ because it fits both ( the brand and the CEO). He is a producer, rapper, barber, personal trainer and boxing trainer. Samurayner is a super humble person and likes to motivate others. He believes that if we are well and motivate others we can motivate ourselves and if the other person is fine he thinks he’ll be better. So our greatest goal is to introduce the concept Pega Tessu to the world by spreading the motto and making the society understand the meaning of the word.

The fact that the name Pega Tessu is a Guinean expression, do you think it has limited your audience in a certain way?

The fact that the term is Guinean makes a little difficult because not everyone knows the meaning of the word and do not know the power that the word has therefore we made the first logo of the t-shirt with the words to explain its importance. But after explaining what Pega Tessu means , it starts to make sense and people easily become very interested. Initially we had this problem but now we have less due to the marketing capacity.

What is the style of your brand?

Street wear, but we also have the classic style and we are working more on it.

Who is your target audience? Do you think any age could wear your brand? From babies, children, teenagers to elderly?

Our target audience is young people, but not only. We seek to create items for all ages although it is more for young people.

Referrals from people who have used your brand?

Patche di Rima, As One, Nerú Americano, Mc Igreja, Américo Gomes and many more.

Nerú Americano wearing Pega Tessu

How can we have access to your brand?

Through our Facebook page

or through our Instagram

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