Please help us in helping Lassana

Our friend Lassana Barbosa Mané was born in Guinea-Bissau on October 6, 1995. In 2014, at the age of 18, he ran after his dream – to be Minister of Economy in his country – and, following his brothers footsteps, travelled to Coimbra – Portugal with the goal of obtaining a degree in Economics.

Being an athlete, in love with sports, he chose to learn a martial art that always fascinated him from an early age, and entered the Jiu-Jitsu world, dreaming of being a black belt and teaching in Guinea. For three years he excelled in both academia and sports (3rd year of the degree of Economics at the Instituto Miguel Torga and blue belt ranking in BJJ – Escola CoimbraMMA), and grew up with principles of honesty and simplicity, always willing to help others.

On the fateful day of March 13, 2018, during a training session, his life would change drastically as he was severely injured in his cervical and was thrown onto a hospital bed with the harsh prognosis of full paralysis. In a second Lassana’s dreams collapsed, and he started what will be the biggest fight of his life: to survive, to never give up, and to regain his physical independence. The days following his surgery were long, and difficult obstacles persisted in crossing his way (breathing through a tube with the aid of the machine is not for everyone, it is for those who have the courage and cling to life; being in hospital in total isolation is an unimaginable situation).

In spite of everything Lassana does not give up and faces obstacles with his boyish smile and always with the faint hope of one day becoming Minister of Finance and a black belt.

Lassana is currently struggling to make a decent recovery at the reputed “Hospital de Alcoitão”, which, unexpectedly but following the procedures, sent him home on September 6th, leaving him at the care of his family. Unfortunately, his reintegration and recovery depend heavily on the financial possibilities his family has.

This is where all of those who want to give Lassana hope and strength come in. Because it is in giving that one receives, we ask that you contribute with a donation, however small.

The amount collected will be for rehospitalization in the “Hospital of Alcoitão”, or for the pursuit of an equivalent facility. ALL of the money will go straight to Lassana’s family.

Please help us in helping Lassana

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