Conscious Scofield – Older Guinean artists don’t encourage us and teach us how to play and appreciate Gumbé

Joel Fernandes, known as Conscious Scofield was born in Guinea-Bissau, emigrated very early to Portugal. Currently lives in London where he graduated in Psychology. A very versatile artist who conveys his art through pictures.

Conscious over the years developed his passion for photography. He had influences from Eric Lafforgue and just like Eric , he also focuses on capturing the essence of people.

With its Alini Photography project,

which means “I’m happy” in the pepel language, Conscious is inspired by the day-to-day life in Bissau.

“People never notice the small details, the bracelets, the necklaces, the daily life on the village, even in Bissau people do not notice the children’s smile”

The artist believes that it is important to highlight these small details because it can change the perspective people have about Guinea-Bissau and one day thinking of going back home.

But , he is not just passionate for photography. Since his childhood he has always liked music, but only in his adulthood he set up his own studio at home and since then he has been recording several artists.

“Older Guinean artists do not encourage us and teach us to play Gumbé”

Said Conscious indignantly in the interview with Nobalur.

He is currently part of Polon Studios and Pilum Muzik. With several musical projects for the future he stated that he learned not to be in a hurry.

One of its main aims is to inspire people and, above all, to teach Guineans to not be afraid in order to achieve their dreams.

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