N’pans – One of the first rappers in Guinea Bissau, became one of the bests in Russia

A rapper is someone who conveys a message , therefore artists should be aware of what they are saying.

When did you get into the music industry ?

I get into the music industry in 1992.

Why and when did you move to Russia?

I moved to Russia in 1985 to study.

How come after many years until now you have not forgotten how to speak Creole?

I remember that in the 90’s when I came to Russia at school there were other Guinean colleagues and we have always made a point to speak Creole. And we used to listen to Justino Delgado’s music.

How many albums have you released?

I have already released 2 albums, the first album I made in 2010 entitled “Utru Cara”, which means “another face”. This album featured artists such as Derio Di Caboverde and Bual.

My second Album is called “Kunsi Tempo” I released this Album in 2017.

The album has 20 tracks and featured artists such as Deisl Aka Le Truck , A Sen , Samurayner and Onyx.

When was your 1st performance in Guinea Bissau?

My 1st performance in Bissau was in December 2010, at 24 de Setembro stadium. More than 25 thousand people was attended.

How was the reception in Guinea Bissau?

The reception was very good, I was very surprised. But I believe this was due to the fact that even though I was far away I always kept in touch with Guinea Bissau and my people recognised that.

What inspired you to start doing music?

I always had a passion for break dance and music. At the time there was not much rappers in Guinea Bissau. That is why I decided to do rap in Creole as well.

Do you think the fact that you sing in Russian somehow limits your audience? Both PALOP and Guinean?

As I never forgot my origins so I always had the support of my people. All the albums that I released in Russian I made a version in Creole.

Have you ever think about changing or risking singing other styles?

Sometimes artists choose to change their style to gain more fame and audience. I think the path that I chose was the path of truth and not the path of fashion.

What do you think is most important in the music industry?Is it money ?

When I started my career I honestly did not think about money, I believe that money is something that comes with time as a way to reward our work. If someone thinks about doing something and first thinks about money, it means they are not doing it from the heart because it’s like they are changing their plans and finding strategies in order to people like them.

As an artist, what were the biggest difficulties you’ve ever experienced?

When I arrived in Russia in 1985, it was called Union Suvetica, and it was only in 1992 that the country began to be called Russia. More than 14 countries left the Union Suvetica which consequently made the country very racist. They used to attack and assault black people. Consequently was difficult to us to perform during that time. In 1999 during a performance in Russia , people threw bottles to the stage, unfortunately it hit me in the eye. But due to the euphoria I did not stop singing. Only after I had gone to the hospital that I realised how bad the situation was.

Have you ever thought about quitting?

Never, the difficulties only taught me to continue.

What do you do when you are sad?

When I am sad or happy, the studio is my refuge.

Who is your idol?

Nowadays I can say that I have no idol. I believe we are all human beings, and we all have talent.

At first I had some influences from other singers but later I realised that my rap could not be the same as their rap. So I started believing in myself.

The society usually judge rappers in a negative way. Most people think they are always associated with drugs, women, etc. What’s your opinion about that?

My rap is different. There is good and bad in everything. My rap is more of an educational style. I talk about my lifestyle and always try to give good advices. I think it’s a great way to convey good messages and we can teach a lot with music so , are responsible for what we say. There are children and several people listening to music so artists have to be careful with what they sing in my opinion.

What advice do you give to anyone who might want to start a long lasting career similar to yours?

As I mentioned earlier rap is a responsibility. Even if it’s just a person listening to it we can end up influencing others to do what we’re expressing in the music. So if they sing about drugs, alcohol (…) they will be encouraging, and teaching their listeners that. So my advice is to always pay attention to what they say.

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