Charbel – Album “Up” | Show 6 , April 2019 at 24 September Stadium in Guinea-Bissau

On 22 , November 2018 Charbel released his third album entitled “up”.

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Who remembers the song “Mama Guiné” in one of the verses Charbel said:

“ N’sibi kuma n’fica lundju di bó , tchiu tempo.

Ma n’sibi kuma bu na purdan mama

Ami I bu Fidji querido.

N’sibi kuma é distância que lundjucinu assim

I pa um bom motivo.

Ali aós n’na tissi pa nô casa mama ,

Prova di tudo nha luta …

Guiné ,

I só pá bó ke n’ta luta

Mama Guiné “ …

This song was released on 25, August 2016 where the artist expresses faith , and hope to a better Guinea Bissau by promising to return and contribute to Guinea-Bissau.

After 4 years without performing in his country, Charbel will performance live on 6, April 2019. The show will take place at the 24 September Stadium in the city of Bissau.

It will have the presence of several national artists such as Binhan , Miss Bitty , Nigga Mbay among others. Also international artists who participated in duets on this CD.

The concert is sponsored by Superbock and have the following support:

Nobalur; TGB; Hotel Coimbra , RTP Africa among others.

The model Pucurutcha Stella, who played the role of “MBOMBO” in track number 9, will be present at the show.

Tickets are available on all national radios.

Written by : Pucurutcha Stella

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