Eric Daro | I.T.I.S – Show 13 April 2019 | Guinea-Bissau

I.T.I.S ( I Tarbadju I Ka Sorti ) it’s the name of his new project. In less than 3 months, Daro has surprised his fans with lots of music and a sonority that captivates anyone.

Yesterday , 12 March 2019 Daro released a new music video entitled “Lov Panhan” and it is the third single from his latest project.

The music video was filmed in Central London , it was directed by MCTV and produced by the international modelling agency BLACKFRODOLLS.

The song was written by the artist that express his feelings towards a girl who he admires and had fallen in love with. 

In a very warm full way , he sings about an unexpected love that is willing to do anything to keep it. He takes the listeners to another love scene level , wondering what we can do for love and what love can do to us. 

The artist believes in an everlasting and happy love story by making promises to the love of his life. 

Thus , two songs contained official music videos (Boca i di bô and Lov Panhan).

But it was through the song “Mau Manera” that Daro decided to challenge his fans to send snaps dancing to the rhythm of the music and surprised them with a video on POLON MUSIC YouTube Channel.

In January of the current year during an interview with NOBALUR Daro mentioned :

“Due to a car accident I had in 2017 in Guinea-Bissau after released my album “EFX Localizan” I had to be away for a while”.

Although he couldn’t make the show in 2017 at the Stadium due to the incident , Daro will be performing on 13, April 2019 at the Stadium 24 September and will have guests such as :

Binhan Quimor , As one , Wj , Cef Tanzi among others.

In a Partnership with NOBALUR , our team will be attending the show.

Written by : Pucurutcha Stella

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