Dulce Neves – The Diva of Guinean Music |Biography

Dulce Maria Vieira das Neves ,known as Dulce Neves is a singer from Guinea Bissau.

She was born on 28, January 1960, in Mansoa, North of the country. Dulce gained passion for music since her childhood. At the age of 15 she started acting in the “Afro Cid” theater group in Bissau.


Over the years she was invited to join the group “Super Mama Djombo”. Due to the separation of several members of the group that at the time emigrated, Dulce began her solo career.

She went through some family conflicts because at that time , women were not allowed to sing in Guinea-Bissau. She attended the secretarial course in 1976 and obtained employment in the ministry of justice, reconciling the job with her career as an artist.

“My family at the time did not want me as a singer. At the time they considered being vulgar.

My colleague José Carlos Schwarz , always gave me support to not give up. ”

Said Dulce Neves.

She started her solo career in the 80’s. In the 90’s Dulce began to work in solidarity. With this she was considered the 1st godmother of honor by the SOS Village.

Years later Dulce obtained an internship in Portugal at the Ministry of Justice and it was in Portugal where she recorded her first album ‘Nha Destino’ in 1997, which was produced by the musician Manecas Costa and was sponsored by pindjiguite radio. Dulce Neves was considered the ambassador of Guinean Modern Music in 2000.

In 2001, she recorded her second album “Balur di Mindjer”. In 2009, she released her third album “Mundu Rabida” and with this Dulce won the gold record the same year.

“Although the government of Guinea does nothing for Dulce, they do not even know if Dulce exists, but fortunately I have the recognition of my community. And whether they want to or not I am an ambassador of Guinea-Bissau culture. ”

Mentioned Dulce in a VOA interview in 2016.

Nowadays she feels proud for being the 1st woman in Guine-Bissau to be recognised as an ambassador of the Guinean music.

Written by : Adriana Silva

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