Vanessa Mendes was born in Guinea Bissau, moved to Portugal when she was 2 years old.

Her modeling career started at age 18, one of her first experiences as a model was in the Miss Guinea Bissau Portugal competition in 2014 where she was Miss Congenitally. 

She also participated in the Miss European Portugal 2015 competition where she was nominated for top 10 of the best models in the south of Portugal.In 2015, Vanessa participated in the Miss Look Glamor competition being among the 40 best models in Portugal.

Vanessa has been conquering the world, she was in Brazil where she met great actors from TV GLOBO such as António Fagundes , Nathalia Timberg , Fulvio and many more. She Cat walked in Paris, South America and Africa being thus featured in several national and international magazines.

Vanessa Mendes has started her new charity project aimed at helping underprivileged children in Africa.

“I want to help children, give them more comfort and motivation to live life with dignity by contributing with school materials, clothing and toys”.

She started by visiting Angola in January 2019 where she visited schools and had great time with the children.

“Angola was the first country I visited since I always wanted to to know the country. I remember when I was younger the majority of my classmates were Angolans”.

The next country to visit is Guinea-Bissau, Vanessa Mendes intends to help underprivileged children in Guinea-Bissau and decided to start in Cacheu in the Caió region.

“I am from Cacheu and so I decided to help the children of my region because I feel that people only help the children in Bissau.”

Said Vanessa Mendes in an interview with Nobalur.

Written by : Pucurutcha Stella

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