Yannick Fernandes a young entrepreneur and a reference for anyone |Nickpersonalstore| Veste Afro

Ceo of the brand Nickpersonalstore and Veste Afro.

Through his obstacles at the time, it was difficult to buy clothes constantly, so Nick decided to create his own style. He used to transform old clothes into unique pieces by ripping them here and there and using paints to get a different look.

That was how “Personal Store” started.

Started his own business in his bedroom. In an interview for Nobalur, Yannick mentioned:

“It’s was not easy to start when we do not have a starting point, a point of reference. I started selling clothes in my bedroom and at the time my friends used to by my clothes to support my business. I was fortunate to always have my friends support. ”

Nowadays, Nick has two stores located in Lisbon , Portugal. Nickpersonalstore which is a urban style and on the other side he opened Veste Afro which is an African style and aims to preserve the African culture.

Nickpersonalstore Location : Centro Comercial Oceano Avenida D.Dinis n.10 Odivelas

Veste Afro Location : Rua Professor Dr. Egas Moniz Cc.Quinta Nova N°20 R/C loja 6 Odivelas

Written by: Pucurutcha Stella

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