Noelson Teixeira, known as Mandas, is an artist from Guinea-Bissau.

Well known for his notoriety in terms of his creativity, his videos are always very dynamic and original.

Guineendade is his latest work, a tribute to his Guinean roots. Through a captivating rhythm and African dances, Mandas once again surprises his fans.

Mandas Graduated from the State university of Rio (law major), Mandas started his career as a DJ in 2009 in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil.

In 2013 he changed his life and moved to Asia, to continue his career in DJing and producing. Since then he had an opportunity to share the stage with DJs such as Tiesto, AfroJack , Diplo, KSHMR, Alok among others. He is touring all around Asia performing in clubs like Space, Jellyfish, Space Plus, Cago, Octagon, True Color ,Future and festivals such as Storm(one of the biggest electronic music festivals in Asia),Strawberry ,Monster and many others.

Mandas is also known as a producer who works in different styles: Afro House, Afrobeats, Tropical House, Trap…

His recent singles such as “No money No party”, ”Different” & “My Heart” with the famous Jamaican artist Richie Loop ,“Low Key”  and “Guinendadi” is becoming well known and already playing in different clubs all over Asia.

In 2018 he signed with Bissilon Sound Record Company. Nowadays he is a resident DJ of Play House club in Chengdu city, China.

During his recent trip to Lisbon, he had a chance to work with the great musician from Guinea-Bissau Manecas Costa.

Mandas shared a picture on his social media with the legendary Manecas and added the description:

“As a fan of Manecas Costa it was a big pleasure of mine being in the studio with him today. He is more than a great musician, he’s been like a big brother for me since the day i’ve contacted him. What a day, God bless you Manecas and thank you for everything that you did today”

Currently , Noelson works with some artists from Guinea-Bissau such as Diima and Eliseu Forna , creating unique sounds by delivering a quality work.

Written by : Pucurutcha Stella

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