Tayra Sani – The 4 years old fashion blogger | Tayra Boutique

Tayra Sani is a 4 years old fashion blogger, she was born in Cardiff, UK. Her parents are from Guinea-Bissau.

It all started when she was about 7 months old and her father had the idea to create a clothing brand for Tayra, but at the time Tayra’s mother decided not to do it because she was so little and she did not know if Tayra would be interested in fashion.

As the time goes by , Tayra was growing up and her mum realised that it was something she liked a lot.

At the age of four, Tayra is a very independent child with a strong personality, dresses on her own, and has her own preferences.

She really has a knack for fashion, it was about 2 months ago that Tayra’s parents decided to open their online boutique.

“It was not an easy decision because it takes a lot of work and because our personal lives are so busy it was difficult to manage that time.

We thank God for selling over 100 pieces at Tayra’s boutique in 2 months and one of our biggest dreams is to open her shop in Portugal”.

Said Inês Mendes, Tayra’s mother.

Are you not afraid to publish her photos on the Internet, since you totally lose control of where they can end up?

I’m not afraid to publish photos of her on the internet, her Instagram was created too late I think , she was not even 1 year old , some people creates earlier. I had received a lot of messages asking to create a personal Instagram for Tayra and also to share how her daily looks. I did not want to share her photos and her moments on my personal account , so I decided to create her own account to be able to show off Tayra’s daily life and encourage and inspire other mothers not only to dress up their kids but in other things as well.

Being a little fashion blogger, does this imply dressing a child with full adult looks or is it possible to continue to be a fashion blogger but in the more childish style?

In many photos you can see her with hello kitty ‘s bag or shoes. She also has Peppa pig and Minnie bags available on her boutique where I will also demonstrate that even doing adult looks she does not stop wearing things of child too. I really want her to stay within the childish style but a very different style that is rarely seen.

We want to bring a different concept to the market, because at the moment the most popular stores in the market offer very repetitive things and a bit out of style in our opinion. ”

Said Inês Mendes, Tayra’s mother.

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