The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Nelvina Barreto participated at The Africa Food Security Food Dialogue in Rwanda

On 5 and 6 August 2019, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Ms. Nelvina Barreto participated in Rwanda, Kigali, at the High Level Dialogue on Food Security in Africa.

In all African countries, rural populations are at the forefront of poverty, hunger and the effects of climate change. Climate variations and extreme weather phenomena are a major cause of the recent rise in hunger and deteriorating food security in Africa.

In this context of growing climate crisis, it is necessary and urgent to change the investment in rural areas in order to make them more durable, resilient and productive; so that rural populations reach their human development potential and have stable jobs; so that countries and their populations are spared poverty and hunger.

It is in this context that the African Union, AfDB, FAO, IFAD, World Bank Institutions organized this high-level meeting, together with the Rwanda government. With the participation of the Ministers of Agriculture and Finance of most African countries, leading eminent scientists and Nobel laureates were also invited to mobilize actions and funding to help solve the African food crisis.

On the first day of work, Minister Nelvina Barreto also met with the Director of the World Bank for Africa, the Deputy Director-General of FAO and the Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development of UEMOA.

Source: Guinea Bissau Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

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