“Bai” by Soraia Ramos counts with Manecas Costa’s guitar

Soraia Ramos, is a Cape Verdean singer based in Lisbon. On 17 , June 2019 she released her new single entitled “Bai”.

Manecas Costa , who is already well known by our readers, and in the music industry through his unmistakable melodies.

The Bissau Guinean musician has been undoubtedly the choice of several national and international artists, during his career…

He has collaborated with several artists such as C4 Pedro, Lura, Sara Tavares, Eneida Marta, Ze Manel, Paulo Flores, Yuri da Cunha among many others.

Each note played on his guitar, always leaves a magical melody in each music that he participates.

Soraia Ramos shared on her Instagram a video with Manecas , where they were happily singing and playing with the guitar.

Find out more about Manecas Costa : https://nobalur.com/2018/09/08/manecas-costa/

The Guinean stylist Lilly Silva , who currently works with Soraia Ramos , was responsible for her outfit on the music video , by choosing colourful teams.

Written by : Pucurutcha Stella

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