“Player” is the new song by Jc Daiya – Biography

Jónatas Alfredo Có, known as JC Daiya, was born on 3 February 1991 in Guine-Bissau.

He moved to Portugal with his father very early and being related to always played a large influence in the artists life through his uncle Apatche Co (Patche di Rima) and his older brother Roberto Rock.

JC Daiya is a very versatile artist, (Afro Beat, Afro Trap, RnB, Kizomba, Afro Pop, Trap, Rap) have been his preferences.

In 2007 he joined the group W.I.Z, composed of 4 elements, eventually recording his first song with his group W.I.Z.

In 2009 was the end of the group, so JC Daiya decided to create his own group in 2010 called Maik Deij. The group had 2 elements.

Nevertheless the collaboration of the Maik Deij ft Bongoman “manino de alley”.

In 2011 he recorded 3 songs with Dj Tiago M. “Tou wacko”; “Feel thé rhythem” and “Vagabunda”.

The song had great success, appearing in 9 compilations of hits of summer 2012 by Vidisco in Lisbon. It was also the top songs in the Radio Hiper Lisboa during 4 months.

In 2013 JC Daya moved to France (Paris), where he had to stop his music career in order to integrate in the country.

In 2014 Daiya met his friend Carlos Barbosa who is also a singer, and gave him the opportunity to record in his studio without costs.

In 2015 he recorded his first song “My time” with Siril Sony Music France. But it was in 2016 that Daiya met his current producer Thierry Doumergue.

In 2017 he released his first solo album by his own label Millions Views Entertainement. The album was entitled “Superação” , which has 12 tracks.

He performed its album in Miss Guinea-Bissau France 2017, Miss Guinea-Bissau Portugal 2017 and in 2018 in France at Mantes la Jolie.

After 21 years without visiting Guinea-Bissau, JC Daiya was invited to participate in the launch of the project “I tarbadju I ka sorti” by his colleague Eric Daro.

The show that took place on April 13, 2019 at the Stadium 24 De Setembro in Bissau, counted with more than 60 thousand people.

Sharing the stage alongside great artists of national and international renown such as: (Cef Tanzy, WJ, MC Mario, As One, Binhan Quimor, Diima, Cotche T, among others…)

“What made me want to work with Daro was not his fame, but his humility. And seeing the success he has here in our country only inspires me to work more ”

Said Daiya.

On June 13, 2019, JC Daiya released his first music video of the year “Player”, which was released exclusively on Trace Toca channel. This track is part of the new album “Afirmação “ that does not have a release date yet.

Written by: Pucurutcha Stella

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