Homis Di Gossi – new single by the Diva Eneida Marta

Eneida Marta is a singer from Guinea-Bissau who sings in Portuguese and Guinea-Bissau Creole. Three of her albums have been released : “Nô Stória” , “Amari” and “Lôpe Kaï”.

Homis Di Gossi is the new single from the Guinean Diva Eneida Marta. It was today, June 17, the day of her birthday that Eneida decided to present her fans with this music that is a warning about the importance of the Fathers in their children lives.

A song written and composed by the artist Eric Daro.

“Thank you for trusting me and for giving voice to the music that means a lot to me. Maybe the best music I’ve done until today “.

Shared Daro in his social networks.

It is not the first time Daro and Eneida are working together , they already had a single “Mandjuas” which was part of the album “EFX Localizan” by Daro.

“Homis Di Gossi “ music video was filmed in Guinea Bissau by Onda Africana with and the music was produced by Attie Athanase Koudou.

This new single is part of Eneida’s new album “IBRAH” that has not yet release date.

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