Patche di Rima signed a contract with a North American publisher

Patche di Rima became the first lusophone musician to sign with New York-based publisher Rehegoo Music and has a worldwide representation contract. The Guinean singer signed with the publisher after releasing the album “Maratona de Amor”.

Since the beginning of 2019, Rehegoo Music has been associated with legendary composer and record producer Quincy Jones, who has recorded 28 Grammys and was responsible for Michael Jackson’s greatest hits, notably the album Thriller, the best selling album in the history of pop music.

Rehegoo Music Group is a globally recognised music publisher that specialises in producing and distributing the musical work of up and coming artists via digital music stores, streaming services and sync platforms.

Patche di Rima is already considered one of the indispensable voices of Guinean music, having conquered, with a particular route and a very own style, a top place in the voices of Lusophony. In this sense, the contract with a North American publisher is another milestone in a career that has only known the upward direction.

Watch our full interview with Patche :

It should also be noted that 2019 had already been marked by the return of the artist to the studio. “Maratona de Amor “ is the name of the third Album launched with the seal of RTP Africa – that witnesses and exalts the history, culture and diversity of a new Guinea Bissau.

“Hi Patche Di Rima!

My name is Sophie and I am a music agent at Rehegoo Music Group. Our Artists & Repertoire Team just discovered your music and rated it as good quality. After listening to your song “Nha Noiva” we were even more impressed so I am contacting you today to see if you would be interested in working with our label”.

Shared Patche Di Rima on his social media , thanking everyone for the support on this new collaboration.

With no doubt “Nha Noiva” has been the choice for his listeners, and has been playing in many weddings.

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